Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Land Rover - Defender Core Military and Defence Vehicles

With nearly 60 years' experience, Land Rover provides armed forces around the globe with light 4x4 vehicles designed to meet a wide range of defence and peacekeeping roles.
The standard defence vehicle line-up within Land Rover's range is based on the Defender heavy-duty 4x4 platform. In addition the Company manufactures Freelander 2, Discovery 3, Range Rover and Range Rover Sport.

The evolution of Land Rover

The first Land Rover vehicle rolled off the production line in 1948. From the same location in Solihull, in the West Midlands of the United Kingdom, the factory now produces over 200,000 4x4 vehicles each year.
The original Land Rover was developed after the end of the Second World War to meet a demand from farmers worldwide for a tough and robust light four-wheel-drive vehicle. It has undergone constant evolution and development ever since.

Land Rover Defender military vehicles

Today’s Land Rover Defender is a tough, flexible, multi-platform vehicle offered in three wheelbase lengths (90, 110 and 130) and in a variety of body styles - Pick Up, Hard Top, Station Wagon and Double Cab. The combination of a robust steel chassis and a light but strong aluminium body provides high payload capability with low centre of gravity.

The design and construction of the Defender makes it suitable for adaptation to specialist applications including ballistic protection, weapons platforms, ambulances, command vehicles and vehicles equipped for marine wading and cold climate operations.
The Defender range of base vehicles has proven reliability with a high level of spare parts commonality between derivatives. The vehicles can be maintained by Land Rover’s global dealer network in more than 100 countries, benefiting from the company’s worldwide spare-parts logistics service provided by Caterpillar.

Defence vehicles
Military versions of Land Rover Defender are based on the civilian version, having the same basic chassis, powertrain, axles and bodywork. Features have been developed and adapted for military use over many years to meet NATO standards and the requirements of our customers. Currently, there are over 70,000 Defenders in service with armed forces around the globe.
Certified core military vehicles
Four Defender military "platforms" are manufactured at the Land Rover factory at Solihull. These include General Service and dedicated Communications vehicles, with 12v or 24v electrical systems.
The Defender military vehicle meets NATO standards and has features fitted as standards that military customers demand.
All Defender military vehicles have "JATE" rings fitted to chassis for air- and heli-portability. (JATE is UK MOD's Joint Air transport Executive and has formally approved Defender for these purposes). Defender has also been approved for air drop in a medium-stressed platform. Defender with roll-over bar and hood frame removed can fit in a CH-47 and CH-53.

Land Rover Defender - the military vehicle of the future
Land Rover, as a company, has invested heavily in new products over the last few years and has an exciting future. We remain committed to the defence sector and to maintaining both the competitiveness of Defender in the sector and the effectiveness of our support to our customers.
Land Rover has recently launched the 2007 Model Year version of Defender which has a new engine to comply with EUIV exhaust emissions legislation, a new 6-speed manual gearbox and a new dashboard with improved HEVAC system. These changes ensure the future for Defender up to and beyond 2010.

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